These Hospitals Offer Internal, Direct-Hire, Travel Nurse Programs (List)

Travel Nurse Programs
I fully support any effort to improve quality care at the bedside. I also know there is a reason staffing agencies exist. We are experts at connecting clinicians with needs quickly and cost effectively. What concerned me in this article/program is their reference to “higher base pay, while foregoing many traditional health and wellness benefits”. This seems disingenuous to the clinician since most all staffing firms offer health care as a benefit and a select few firms like Excel offer life coaching and wellness training as a benefit. Shouldn’t we be doing all we can to improve the quality of life and health of our clinicians? We live it in our WeCare values at Excel! So, in this case it looks to me like the staffing firm can more quickly deliver a quality clinic and ultimately meet the clinician’s individual pay and wellness needs the best. One point I really do like is the idea of allowing clinicians the flexibility to move between facilities – this will provide flexibility to the clinicians and should spread best practices across the system.