Nursing Trends for 2023

Ever wonder if the work you do, day-in/day-out, is making a difference in the broader world? After reading the Nursing Trends for 2023 article, I’m ecstatic to see that Excel’s unique approach addresses many of these trends! Excel plays a critical role in the contingent staffing model solution. Hospitals across the US continue to rely on our travel nurses to fill their vacancies and provide quality healthcare. Excel also prioritizes the well-being of our nurses. Our WeCare (Winning-Equitable-Clinician focused-Adventurous-Responsive-Ethical) values inform all of our internal and external practices. Finally, every Excel nurse has access to the MindPower Coaching Program FREE of charge – arming them with significant personal growth and resiliency. “The challenges of nursing in 2023 are not all gloom and doom…it’s a call for action…we need to think differently, be more innovative…we need to be working together.” I’m proud to say that Excel is on the leading-edge of this call for action.

Nursing Trends for 2023: