How Travel Nurses Can Help Meet Staffing Shortages

travel nurses

The travel nursing industry is truly a unique one. It allows medical facilities to meet clinician demands in areas where permanent nurses are lacking. As we have seen in years past, and as we continue to see, there has always been a shortage of permanent nurses. According to forecasting research done by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, “the shortage of Registered Nurses will worsen over the next two decades.” 

This is where the travel nursing industry helps greatly! Travel nursing offers a unique opportunity to nurses to not only make significantly more in compensation when compared to permanent nursing assignments, but it also allows for the opportunity for additional training in specialty care areas.  Those nurses who take on travel assignments are often paired with a veteran nurse in acute or specialty care areas as apart of a training and development plan by the facility. This, in part, may encourage a travel nurse to stay on an assignment longer, because they are gaining valuable experience in a specialty care area which they may otherwise not , also solving the issue of retaining quality nurses for the facility. Oh, and lets not forget, the chance to travel the country and experience new cities! Who doesn’t love doing that ?