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* Excel Medical Staffing is committed to improving the lives of traveling clinicians beyond job placement and recruitment. The article below, written by Managing Director Kevin Sellers, is the first of many “WE CARE” blogs committed to doing just that! Goals have become an integral part of family, business, and recreational life. Goals provide clarity […]

National Nurses Week, May 6-12, 2022 – “Nursing the World Back to Health”

“Nursing the World Back to Health”Excel Medical Staffing is proud to celebrate nurses across all 50 states and recognize your selfless contributions. You are highly specialized professionals with skills that cover the full-spectrum of modern healthcare, from ER crises to childbirth to hospice. You are the first point of contact for most patients and their […]

How Travel Nurses Can Help Meet Staffing Shortages

How Travel Nurses Can Help Meet Staffing Shortages travel nurses

The travel nursing industry is truly a unique one. It allows medical facilities to meet clinician demands in areas where permanent nurses are lacking. As we have seen in years past, and as we continue to see, there has always been a shortage of permanent nurses. According to forecasting research done by the University of […]