10 Pieces of Advice Every Nursing Grad Needs To Hear

Outstanding advice! Thank you. I’d expand “#9 Get yourself some self-care days” to make your health your #1 priority forever. Those in the medical profession see firsthand every day the decaying effects of putting off self-care or worse yet engaging in known destructive behavior. We can only care for others when we are at our best. That’s what drove the innovation at Excel to offer wellness coaching and goal setting. Having a coach in your corner reminding you of what you said was most important, what you really want in life is priceless. Heck I just asked a coworker to take a walk around the building just to see the sun and stretch our legs before setting back down and hammering our more paperwork. We can be effective and healthy, efficient and joyful, someone who gets it done and someone who is present. We only have this moment NOW. Enjoy it!
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